Intralinks Merger Story

Intralinks Merger Story

No modern business transaction can do without auxiliary technological tools, because in our world efficiency and speed are valued more than anything else. But how effective and secure these tools depend on the personal choice of business leaders. The best solution for conducting transactions and other business operations today is a virtual data room, and its benefits are appreciated by many companies around the world. That’s why the choice of VDRs is so wide right now. In this article, we will review one of the longest-standing VDRs, Intralinks, and highlight its main features.

Intralinks Virtual Data Room – History of Creation

Intralinks is one of the most experienced VDR developers and has been on the market for almost 30 years since it was founded in 1996. It is designed to streamline workflows, mainly for large corporations, and now, its customer list includes many large businesses. Specializing only in large transactions, Intralix is tirelessly improving, gaining experience, and coming up with new solutions to cope with difficulties, so the price for its services is much higher than average. The developers offer a choice of three versions of the product, which contain a different set of features so that you can choose the right one for you.

This way, you can always improve your business processes by purchasing additional tools just for the processes for which you need them. Data Room ensures that all customer needs are met and is what is known as a classic virtual data room, which has everything you need to work on your projects safely and efficiently. Intralinks will be able to help in any multi-step transaction, including during mergers and acquisitions.

The main benefits of Intralinx’s virtual data room

Intralinks merger is the VDR software that business executives envision, it perfectly integrates security and document management features, as well as collaboration tools and modern trends. Below we look at Intralinks features in more detail:

  • Artificial Intelligence Technology

Having an AI system in your business space, will give you a definite advantage and speed up your work as it automates most routine processes. Artificial intelligence allows you to automatically sort and organize documents as well as check contracts to save you a lot of time on organizational moments. AI also reduces the risk of human error, which could cost your company dearly.

  • Highly Secure Space

One of intralinks data room most powerful tools is its security system. It gives you powerful data encryption, at rest and document transmission, two-factor authentication, and watermarking. Also, the administrator can regulate users’ actions with documents, block visibility, and other ways of interaction, at their discretion.

  • Modern, high-quality interface

With Intralinks you can focus on the transaction, not on learning how the application works. The developers have tried to make the display as simple as possible, and also added a quick search function for efficient task execution and comfortable use.

  • Multicorporate cooperation

The main key to the success of any transaction is not only a clear organization and the timely completion of tasks but also communication. Intralinks allows you to securely communicate and share confidential documents in a secure platform remotely. Potential partners can contact you at any time, and you’ll instantly see them reach out thanks to instant notifications.

  • Support Service

The quality of support for Intralinks is also top-notch. Get in touch with support in any way that works for you. Also, the platform and support are available in multiple languages, including Chinese.