Perfect Letters of Intent

Where to Find Perfect Letters of Intent Templates

When looking for a job, we scroll through a bunch of ads on the internet every day before we come across something that could potentially be a good fit for you in many ways. However, the job market also requires some skills from potential employees, such as employers paying attention to better-crafted resumes and letters of intent. If you are confused by the latter concept, then this article is exactly for you, here we will tell you what LOIs are and how to properly draft them so that you do not miss your chance of a suitable job.

Letter of Intent – Definition of Meaning

Based on their name – a letter of intent should outline your intentions of working for the company for which you are applying. The main mistake people make while drafting this letter is that they don’t have any specific plans or interest in the vacancy they are applying for. That is, they are ready for any opportunity the company can offer them. They end up with a rather generic fuzzy letter that, after reviewing it, employers don’t know that they will hire you specifically.

Letter of Intent vs Cover Letter: what’s the difference?

These two concepts are quite similar to each other, it’s easy to confuse them, but some rules help determine their difference. For example, letters of intent place more emphasis on the company itself and employers than on the job itself, and the content of the letter describes your skills list in fairly general, non-detailed terms. At the same time, a cover letter is more “about” the job, about the very specific position you desire. And, of course, you need to know the specifics of drafting both letters to successfully make yourself known.

Experts give some advice on what points are best to focus on when drafting these letters. For example, for a cover letter, you can express your interest in a particular position by giving some precise reasons. In a letter of intent it is important to use extensions so that the KP manager of the company can pick the most appropriate scenario for you, that is, you do not have to indicate a specific position you want to work in, you should rather highlight the reasons why you want to work in this particular company. Letters of intent plates you can easily find on the expanse of the internet by simply typing in your request.

Why is it so important for companies to get a letter of intent?

One of the reasons why a letter of intent can be a prerequisite for hiring is the act that employers themselves don’t know what kind of person they want. By reading your letter of intent, they can get a better idea of how well you fit into a particular department of the organization. Such letters may have to be written for freelancers before they are hired. This helps the hiring manager broaden the base of potential employees and hire those who show a sincere eagerness to work for your organization.

The structure of writing a letter of intent

To write a truly successful application, you will need to adhere to a certain LOI structure, as follows:

  • You need to show a sincere interest in the organization itself, in which case draw the manager’s attention not to yourself, but to how your views and desires align with the company’s purpose and mission
  • Make the letter as relevant as possible by mentioning recent news about the company you are applying to. This will let employers know you’re genuinely interested in the company
  • Talk about your experiences and skills, pointing out things you’ve done in the past